Saint Lucia

Public Sector
Investment Program

Welcome the PSIP platform of the Government of Saint Lucia.

The web based Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) platform is an integrative tool introduced to facilitate the efficient management of public sector investment. It is  the gateway to government investment to shift the growth trajectory of the country.

The PSIP is a development tool that facilitates the realization of national visions and policy goals of the Government of Saint Lucia. It is the machinery that is used to transform the ambitions articulated in the Medium-Term Development Strategy and development plans into implementable projects.   It informs public sector investment in capital projects that will address pressing development needs.  Accordingly, it represents the best investment options for public investment.   It includes capital investments from various Ministries Departments and Agencies that will drive the national development agenda and improve the quality of life of every citizen.

The PSIP contains a portfolio of investment projects that have be appraised, planned and resourced to address pressing national development challenges.  The PSIP supports the capital budget progamme that forms part of the national budget which reflects the government fiscal policy.

The Department of Economic Development as part of the mandate to coordinate and integrate the national development is the lead agency responsible for the management of the PSIP.

Key Points about the PSIP

  1. It represents investment in the nation’s physical assets such as roads, bridges schools, hospital etc
  2. It facilitates multi-year capital programming use supports efficient use of limited resources
  3. It helps translate goals and aspirations to implementable actions that can be planned and monitored to deliver results to the citizenry

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